'' Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude '' - SOSO FACTORY


We were born in 2008 in order to show a totally new concept of tasting. We have selected a wide variety of products with the utmost care to always offer the best quality in each of them, spices and perfumes for food, to our distinctive salts captured in a beautiful egg. It is the excellence and innovation in what we do, what characterizes us. The new online store of our brand arises precisely to make taste lovers aware of the different sensations on the palate that they can experience with Soso products, both in drinks and in food. One of our main objectives is to create a community with people from all over the world and have contact with them through the passion that unites us, new flavors.

``Our successes have crossed borders``

Awards and evolution

Our designs have been internationally recognized and awarded with a silver medal for packaging and design awards: D&AD LONDON; New York Festivals gold medal; pentawards gold medal; Laus silver medal and Graphis Design USA gold medal. This has encouraged us to want to continue growing and over time, we have been adding new varieties of products and forms of packaging to continue surprising with our presentations. 

The world is getting smaller and smaller for us!

We grow internationally

The company’s positioning is growing internationally, thus reaching many parts of the world and expanding points of sale and distribution such as: Germany, Austria France, Finland Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, South Korea, Mexico, Venezuela. Soso Factory Family: From Soso Factory, we invite you to explore our wide variety of products and learn more about our futre physical stores, as well as finding out how to become part of our great family.