''The idea behind the egg is simple, if we always add salt to the cooked egg, why not make an egg-shaped salt shaker?''

The Egg

We were born in 2008 with the aim of showing a totally new tasting concept, offering the best quality both in the taste of our products and in their exterior, and that is when the idea of ​​the salt egg arose.
We have selected a wide variety of products with the utmost care to always offer the best quality in each of them, spices and perfumes for food and our distinctive salts captured in a beautiful egg.
Excellence and innovation in what we do is what characterizes us. We want to introduce flavor lovers to the different sensations on the palate that they can experience with Soso products, both in drinks and in food.
One of our main objectives is to create a community with people from all over the world and have contact with them through the passion that unites us, new flavors.

“Cooking today is an art, it has a visual impact. The products we use to create that dish must also have it``

The Chicken

15 years after the egg, we launched the Chicken.
Being faithful to our philosophy, we wanted to make a product that differs from everything else, a product that we, as consumers, would like to have.
The Chicken has unique ergonomics, never seen before, with a crest that acts as a stopper that opens and closes with a simple twist and, most importantly, is sustainable.
The design was awarded 3 international design awards: IF DESIGN AWARD GOLD 2022, being the only Spanish product, Red Dot Design awards 2022, Pentawards Gold 2022.

What came first the chicken or the egg? This is our answer

The Egg & The Chicken

Since ancient Greece, philosophers have asked this question, which makes us think about the origin of the universe and the first cause. The answer varies depending on the era in which we live.

We cannot speak for everyone and for all times, only that in our case it was the chicken first and then the egg.
What we do know for sure is that the two complement each other perfectly, both visually and with their flavors.