``Called the queen of salts``

Manual process

Made with traditional methods in which the sun and the wind evaporate the sea water, leaving crystals that are detached by hand from the surface of the salt flats.
Called the queen of salts by some experts, this salt is produced by controlled evaporation, without industrial interventions. With the frosts at dawn, small crystals form on the surface of the water, which are collected by hand using traditional techniques and then left to dry in the sun and wind for a year in sacks. It has a delicate taste and a slight marine smell and does not lose its properties over time.
Salt Flower is harvested through a careful procedure. When the normal procedure for collecting sea salt begins, the top layer of salt is carefully collected. Impurities in seawater are heavy and therefore tend to settle to the bottom, making the top layer of salt clean and healthy. This top layer salt is Sal Flower and is then packaged and sold in the market. Since salt is only the top layer, and it needs careful handling during harvesting, it is very rare and expensive.

“More and more people tend to buy natural salts instead of common table salts”


It is a perfect salt for our daily routine and it is much more beneficial for us than common salt. Along with a better and more refined taste, Flor De Sal is free of impurities and is healthier.

Salt Flower is a fine and delicate salt, known throughout the world as the best sea salt. Harvested manually with bare hands, without the use of any metal or machinery, Salt Flower is collected through a precise method, at a specific time of year, in specific areas of France, Portugal and Spain. The process is so delicate, and the salt so scarce, that only one kilogram of salt can be collected in a full day of harvesting.

Known for containing over 84 minerals, very few impurities, and a subtle flavor, Salt Flower is among the healthiest salts known to man. This salt has an element of moisture and is grayish in color, making it easily distinguishable from common salts.
Another very important quality of Flor De Sal is that it is free of toxicity; During the collection process the heavy toxic elements sink to the bottom, while Salt flower is collected only from the top and is therefore completely free of toxins.

For quite some time there was no awareness of salts, but as awareness increases, more and more people tend to buy natural salts instead of common table salts due to their higher mineral content and lack of toxicity. Since it is the main natural salt, its demand is growing rapidly.

``It is a 100% natural product, without additional treatments or additives``

Unique & Exclusive

Salt Flower was first introduced to France, which is why it took its French name and is also known as Fleur De Sel. This salt was first harvested in France, and later spread to other parts of Europe as well. Today it is collected not only in France, but also in Spain and Portugal.
Some varieties cost up to 200 times more than the same amount of table salt.

Salt Flower not only has a more exquisite flavor, but it will also improve your quality of life, by contributing to your health. If you are looking for a healthier and more natural diet, be sure to ditch the common table salt, and start using Salt Flower.

The collection of the Salt Flower is done purely by hand, and it does not go through any industrial process. It is left to dry in the sun and in the wind to obtain a pure product, without additives or processing.
Salt Flower is the thin layer of saline crystals that forms on the surface of the crystallizers of our traditional Salina. Between the months of July and September, these fragile microcrystals composed of different types of salts are collected daily by hand using traditional methods, dried in the sun and then packaged for different market segments. It is a 100% natural product, without additional treatments or additives. They are considered gourmet salts because of their high richness in minerals, existing dissolved in the surface of sea water, and their high content of magnesium chloride and potassium chloride, in addition to being beneficial for our health, accentuates and enhances the flavor of food . Likewise, and due to its marine origin and special crystallization, Salt Flower contains 80% of the trace elements that our body requires.

We can, therefore, affirm that a diet that includes Sal Flower is not only more beneficial to our health than one that includes table salt, but is also a healthy way to avoid the need to supplement your diet with supplements. minerals.